Ease the Mental Load: How Coexist is Redefining Collaboration at Home

May 1, 2024

Silvia Vieira

Female co-founders launch app to tackle mental load crisis in time for Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month

May 1, 2024— SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Coexist announced today the launch of their new app revolutionizing how families share the mental load. Childhood friends turned co-founders, Stella Campo and Silvia Vieira, began building Coexist last year with direct input from early adopters. After graduating from Techstars this year, Coexist is unveiling how their technology is reshaping collaboration at home.

The mental load is the invisible work of anticipating and planning household needs. A 2023 report by Pew Research Center revealed that American women spend twice as much time on housework and childcare than their husbands, even when they earn the same or more. Unfair division of housework can lead to significant long-term effects including chronic stress, sleep dysfunction, and depression. 90 percent of people come to Coexist seeking help with managing the mental load, often referred by therapists.

"All of my clients in family therapy bring up the challenges of the mental load and navigating shared responsibilities at home in some way or another,” cited family therapist Dr. Cassidy Freitas, LMFT, Coexist user and partner. “As a mom to three, I completely relate."

 Coexist is an all-in-one app purpose-built for the home with a strong emphasis on user-friendly design. The tool makes coordinating life simple for busy couples with a comprehensive feature set, including:

  • AI-powered meal planning: ability to import recipes, create weekly meal plans, and generate categorized grocery lists in seconds.

  • Collaborative tasks: keeping family to-dos organized with customizable frequency, owners, and tags. Plus kudos to celebrate progress.

  • Shareable notes: including a templates library with featured experts covering everything from packing to pregnancy.

“When I became a mom last year, I quickly felt the mental load of juggling an endless to-do list,” shared Stella, Co-Founder of Coexist. “Coexist is a lifesaver for my family so important things don’t slip through the cracks. We know countless other families face the same challenges, and it’s been rewarding to see Coexist help them navigate the chaos of home life, too.”

Since its beta launch, Coexist experienced a surge of 300 percent in organic subscriber growth, with over 90 percent retention rate.

“Every Sunday, during our kid’s first nap, my partner and I open up Coexist and figure out what tasks are scheduled for this week, who’s going to do them, and we have a meeting about it,” said Mariel, an early Coexist customer. “It helps us tremendously in staying organized and managing the day-to-day tasks of first-time tired parents.”

About us:

Coexist is an all-in-one home management app helping busy couples coordinate life together. The company was founded by childhood friends, Silvia Vieira and Stella Campo, with the simple mission of eliminating the mental load. The app is recommended by therapists, trusted by families in 88 countries, and backed by Techstars. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and www.getcoexist.com.