👋 hi, we're silvia & stella

👋 hi, we're
silvia & stella

👋 hi, we're
silvia & stella

we are childhood friends turned co-founders. we launched coexist in 2023 because we were frustrated by the fact that we had every possible software tool to manage life at work - but were left to fend for ourselves with sticky notes and scattered texts when we came home.

we found that managing life at home without good systems and tools is hard work. remembering everything that needs to get done and by when is time-consuming, stressful, and can wear relationships down over time. because housework keeps our world going and yet it’s never-ending, invisible, and too often undervalued.

our mission is simple: to eliminate the mental load by making housework more visible, collaborative, and automated.

we are fueled by our customers, not by investors, which means that our users always come first. you can contact us anytime at support@getcoexist.com and one of us will answer you within a day. we’re proud of how we run our business and we hope you’ll join us!

silvia vieira

stella campo

🤯 did you know?


of divorcees in the US say “disagreements about housework” was their #1 reason for divorce. (harvard business school)


is the total worth of women’s unpaid domestic work if they earned minimum wage. that’s 3x the size of the global tech industry. (oxfam)


is how much more housework is done by women vs. men in hetero couples. even when the woman earns as much or more. (npr)

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