your home, simplified.

your home, simplified.

say goodbye to sticky notes, scattered texts, and the mental load.

meet coexist — the stress-free way to plan and remember.

say goodbye to sticky notes, scattered texts, and the mental load.

meet coexist — the stress-free way to plan and remember.

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🌎 trusted by families across 85+ countries

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effortlessly delegate and remember tasks.

managing a home is a full-time job! with coexist, you can quickly create a custom plan for who’s doing what, when, and how often. the best part? we'll send friendly reminders so you don't have to!

task feature UI screenshot
task feature UI screenshot
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simplify planning
with shared notes.

customize our pre-loaded templates or start with a blank slate. keep your notes private or share them with anyone in or outside your home. now your meal plan, pet sitter instructions, and packing lists finally have a home base!

go from cooking chaos
to easy eats.

stress-free mealtimes are finally here. quickly import a recipe from any website in 2 taps. keep all your favorite recipes in one place. quickly build meal plans and smart grocery lists

task feature UI screenshot
task feature UI screenshot

what our fans are saying

Ming profile picture


lives with husband, dog, 2 kids

plus one more on the way

Coexist has really helped me reduce my mental load. Their templates are such a helpful starting point for my husband and I to organize our day to day and plan mini-projects like family trips and grocery runs. Couldn’t recommend Coexist more!

Hugh profile picture


lives with fiancée and 13 plants

I struggle to remember everything going on at home sometimes… The reminder feature is a huge help in keeping on top of things without my partner having to remind me.

Michael profile picture


lives with fiancée and dog

My fiancée and I love cooking, so our weekly meal planning & shopping is quite involved…Coexist makes things 10x easier by combining meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes into a single hub that’s shareable and comprehensive. Thank you, coexist!

Tony profile picture


lives with partner and cat

I love Coexist! It helps me keep my house in order, and makes it easier to coordinate tasks with my partner. Using the app, i feel like I can keep my home with less effort and less stress.

Irina profile picture


lives with roommate

The interface is soooo sleek and easy to use 🤩🙌

Nicoletta profile picture


lives with husband and often

hosts guests

I always lost track of recipes I found in cookbooks or online that I wanted to try making at home. Now I just put them all into Coexist and have a nice little digital recipe book I can turn to when I’m looking for inspiration. It’s a game changer! 🎉

Ronesha profile picture


lives with partner, 2 kids plus

one more on the way

I LOVE the meal planning feature! It’s made our lives so much easier. The app will even create a categorized shopping list with all the ingredients we need for the week.

Elisa profile picture


lives with partner

Moving can be such a stressful process, but the ready-made moving checklist on Coexist made it a breeze! We just went through the list and decided who would do which task. Thank you Coexist team!!!

Felipe profile picture


lives with wife, dog, and

newborn baby

Nothing says "get organised" like having a newborn baby. As two working parents, we struggled with home management. We've tried many productivity apps before, like Notion and Asana, but none of them quite did the trick. Coexist has been a game changer for our family's mental bandwidth.