4 shared checklists to keep any home organized

Nov 4, 2022

Silvia Viera

graphic illustrtion of a checklist

Managing life at home can be overwhelming sometimes. Trying to remember and keep track of everyone’s to-dos and lists is an impossible feat. While checklists are as old as time, they’re still one of the most well proven ways of remembering everything.

By sharing checklists with others at home, we can make sure everyone has access to the most important information and can collaborate to keep it up-to-date. There are 4 lists in particular that every household would benefit from keeping a shared digital copy of:

1. Shopping list - keep a grocery and a non-grocery section

This is probably the most common of lists. You might already have a shared shopping list. After all, forgetting to pick up toilet paper or salt at the grocery store can have pretty serious consequences! But creating a single shopping list that is shared with everyone in the home is the key. This allows you to distribute the mental effort of having to remember everything everyone needs at home.

2. Home projects list - use this to report “bugs” for things that need fixing

Some projects take more time and effort. By keeping a backlog list of all the necessary but not time-sensitive projects you need to do around the house, you can come back and knock them off your list one by one when you have a free day. 

3. Plant, pet, or baby-sitting instructions - share out before every trip or outing

If you have plants, pets, or babies this is a must. Repeating the same details over and over every time you go out of town or need some extra help can get tiring. Plus it’s easy to forget little details. Have some instructions ready to go so that next time it’s as easy as clicking a button!

4. Emergency contact details - you don’t need it until you desperately do!

This list is perhaps the most forgotten one. But when something is broken around the house and you need to call the plumber, or when your pet is sick and you need the vet, it’s a lifesaver to have this on hand. In most homes there’s usually one person who keeps all the contact info. Sharing this information out can be literally a life-saver!

One of the best ways to simplify housework is to share the load. With the Coexist app, you and your SO or roommates can organize, delegate, and remember to-dos in an easy, fair, and fun way.